Truth and Hope Outreach

Truth and Hope group

Truth and Hope Outreach Ministry

Truth and Hope Outreach is a collection of volunteers who work on outreach projects together.  Curiously, we seem to have fun doing it.

Our purpose is:

1. To make comforters, baby bundles, and other useful items for those in need around the world

2. To build community ties by working together

3. Ultimately, through the work that we do, to share the truth and hope of Christ with others

Meetings are held on 1st, 3rd and some 2nd Tuesdays. Events include Project Days, Sit-n-Sew Teas, and trips to the Cumberland Valley Relief Center in Chambersburg, PA.

Descriptions of Truth and Hope Events: 

Project Day: This is our work day in the St. Peter’s church choir room, 9:30 am-4:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to drop by and help out! Bring a packed lunch if you’d like. We typically have comforters to knot, comfort tops to piece, baby items to sew, fabric to cut and kit bags to string. For young volunteers we have fabric markers and white comforter squares for creating artwork, in addition to the other projects. Sewing machines are available, or you can bring your own. It’s a great time! Our thanks go to St. Peter’s for allowing us to use their room at no charge.

Sip-n-Sew Tea: Hosted by a volunteer, this lovely meeting has three parts: 1. Afternoon tea and refreshments. 2. Group meeting and project discussion. 3. Time to visit and/or work on personal handwork around the tables and couches. For those who prefer a group project, a comforter is usually available to knot as well as kit bags to string.

Relief Center Trip: Want to volunteer for the day? Meet at 8:00 am behind St. Peter’s church to carpool to the Cumberland Valley Relief Center. Typical projects there are knotting comforters, hand-quilting and machine-sewing items such as baby gowns, diapers, blankets and kit bags. Bring a packed lunch. We usually return to Poolesville about 4:30 pm.

Anyone interested in joining the group may contact Tina at

Sewing skills are useful, but not required. All are welcome!